Bahia Hariri, Siniora call for civil peace and solidarity with the Arab world

Sat 27 Feb 2016 at 14:48 Politics
NNA - MP Bahia Hariri held a meeting in Majdalyoun on Saturday dedicated to show camaraderie with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and sign a petition of solidarity launched by former PM Saad Hariri.

The meeting brought together a massive crowd of political, civil and spiritual leaders, including former PM Foad Siniora.

Hariri urged all Lebanese to rally around their national unity, confirming her choice for civil peace.

"We renew today our loyalty to our [Arab] brethren, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...and we aspire for others to put the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese above all else."

The MP also called on Arab friends not to abandon Lebanon.

Former PM Foad Siniora also gave a speech during the event on Saturday, calling for a return to the basics.

"We are a country that represents a model of coexistence, a country which has resolved its identity to be Arab, a country which is democratic and free," said Siniora, adding that there were some who wanted to challenge Lebanon's Arab belonging.

"Our stance must be clear in defence of Lebanon's Arab identity."

Siniora explained that the concept of self-dissociation could only work if there was conflict between two Arab states. However, when an Arab state and a non-Arab state were in conflict, the self-dissociation rule did not apply at all.

He found it pivotal to get Lebanon out of this conundrum. And the way to do so was for Lebanon's stances to be very clear.

Siniora called upon PM Tammam Salam to speak in the name of Lebanon, as he was the only one who had the right to do so, and to rectify relations with the Arab world.

"I believe we still have a chance to go back and calmly confirm, through common work amongst all Lebanese components, Lebanon's Arab belonging and identity."


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