Sleiman visits Mikati: Total collapse of Lebanon not going to happen

Sat 27 Feb 2016 at 11:40 Politics
NNA - Former Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, met at his Tripoli residence on Saturday with former President Michel Sleiman, who reassured that Lebanon is not going to collapse as it has many strengths that the Lebanese should hold on to.

The meeting was also attended by former Ministers Nazem Khoury and Nicholas Nahas.

"Obstructing presidential elections has created confusion in foreign policy," explained Sleiman to the press, "and the blame does not fall on the Premiers because he is obliged to deliberate with the Cabinet."

Sleiman confirmed that the solution could only begin with the eletion of a president.

He reassured that the total collpase of Lebanon was not going to transpire.

"when regional incidents began in 2011, everyone thought Lebanon will collapse. However, Lebanon lasted for five years and will not collapse."

The former president asserted that Lebanon had many strong points, especially that the LEbanese people endorse partnership and Lebanon's security forces were far stronger than many "cartoonish" security forces in negihbouring countries.

On that note, he also assured taht the country's monetary system was solid. It was also made strong by Lebanese Diaspora.

"We are certain that the Lebanese are a productive element wherever they go, not only in Gulf countries, but all over the world...and this matter cannot be dealt with superficialy."


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