Mashnouk from New York: Syrian crisis' impact on Lebanon's environment outweighs $3 billion

Thu 25 Feb 2016 at 11:49 Economy

NNA - Environment Minister Mohammad Mashnouk went over Lebanon's helplessness in implementing environmental procedures due to the severity of the Syrian crisis' impact on the environment in Lebanon.

Speaking during the UNDP Conference on Environment held in New York, the Minister said that the intervention priorities of the Syrian crisis' impact on the Lebanese environment outweighed $3 billion.

The Minister said that environmental damage inflicted upon Lebanon was a result of the oil spill disaster in 2006.
"The UN General Assembly endorsed the said disaster in 2014 of $856.4 million," he said.

Even though Lebanon's chance to an environmental solution was nearly impossible, Mashnouk did not fail to speak about the procedures in his intervention during the conference.

He laid emphasis on the importance of the "participation and cooperation principles" and on the need to re-establish a close relationship between consultation and implementation, especially in a country suffering weak political and security stability.



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