Jumblatt urges Saudi Arabia to reconsider its decision: To avoid stances that increase tension in relations

Sat 20 Feb 2016 at 19:19 Politics
NNA - Democratic Gathering Head, MP Walid Jumblatt, urged Saturday the Saudi Kingdom's leadership to "reconsider its decision in halting its military aids to the Lebanese Army and Internal Security Forces," adding that the Kingdom has always stood by Lebanon in the worst and most difficult circumstances.

Jumblatt hoped that Saudi's support would continue "so as to enable the Army to confront the rising terrorist threats," and called for "abstaining from any positions that would further aggravate tension and worsen relations."

Jumblatt's words came in an issued statement in wake of Saudi Arabia's decision to halt its financial aid to the Lebanese Army and ISF.

He also implored all Lebanese forces to reassess their positions towards the Arab States, stressing on Lebanon's Arabism.

"We look forward to view what happened as a mere passing summer cloud, hoping to restore Lebanon's relations with both Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, and to resume the joint march of true and sincere Arab fraternal rapprochement," Jumblatt concluded.

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