We want accountability for whoever got involved in trash export scandal

Sat 20 Feb 2016 at 17:57 Politics

NNA - We want accountability for whoever got involved in the trash-exporting scandal, activists informed NNA field reporters in Riyad Solh Square today.

Speaking at the behest of activists assembled in Downtown Beirut, woman lawyer Naamat Badruddeen has indicated that trash exporting continues unabated despite attempts to stop it; Also requesting an official inquiry into illicit exporting activities by shadowy companies and figures, Badruddeen added that land-filling and incineration is categorically rejected proposing instead non-commercial, cheap, clean and green approaches to be executed at the local grass-root level.

Holding Salam-led government largely responsible for the present trash crisis, she concluded that Amrousiyyeh and Karantina waste-disposal capacity once booted by additional knowhow could cater easily to the needs of the capital and Mt. Lebanon combined.

============= G.G./R.K.

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