Lebanese Toni Issa wins Celebrity Duets

Mon 01 Feb 2016 at 13:12 Entertainment
NNA - Amchit locals gathered yesterday at the town square to welcome Tony Issa, the son of this town who won the 4th edition of Celebrity Duets, broadcast on MTV.

Celebrity Duets is the Arabic version of the international charity singing hit-program, where Arab’s most prominent professional singers team up with 13 non-singing celebrities from different backgrounds, in front of a live studio audience, a panel of judges, and viewers who get to vote them off, in a weekly elimination competition.

A panel of judges will give their opinion after each performance, although the final call on who remains in the running is the audience’s, through SMS voting.

Tony Issa donated the $30,000 award to "Kids First Association" that takes care of sick children.


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