Future calls for comprehensive national compromise

Tue 24 Nov 2015 at 19:38 Politics
NNA - The Future Parliamentary bloc on Tuesday held its weekly meeting chaired by its leader, Fouad Siniora, and called for doubled efforts that would lead to a comprehensive national compromise which could preserve the national pact, devotes the Taif as a reference and finally solves the crisis of the presidency.

MP Ahmad Fatfat, who read the communiqué issued after the meeting, expressed the Future's great interest in the work of the parliamentary committee for the drafting of a new electoral law; a law that would respect the Taif accord and ensure fair representation, freedom of nominations and freedom to vote.

"The Future believes the electoral law is an important opportunity to advance in the process of political reform in Lebanon," the statement said.

On a different note, Future MPs stressed the importance of inter-Arab and international cooperation to confront terrorism, particularly by working on producing democratic and civil political systems in countries living what is called the Arab Spring.

The Future finally stressed the need to restore sovereignty of the Lebanese state and protect its borders through commitment to the agreement of Baabda and the implementation of resolution 1701 throughout the Lebanese border.


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