Raad: Let's debate and reach some understanding.

Mon 23 Nov 2015 at 13:08 Politics

NNA - "Let's debate and reach some sort of understanding prone to immunize the interior and stabilize the country," head of the Hezbollah parliamentarian Bloc deputy Muhammad Raad, stated upon his commemoration of two fallen party mujahideen at Baflay Husayniyya mosque on Monday.

"Whoever staked high hopes on terrorism should reassess their position in light of the changing balance of forces on the ground," Raad said.
"National accord is pretty much required these days in the interest of the citizenry," he added.

Besides being ostensibly pro-independence, pro-sovereignty, a new president must prove himself to be widely popular within his own religious-sectarian constituency as well as within our own, Raad reiterated.

"Once we prove our true belonging to this nation, we ought to share equitably in the defense of this country while working to achieve people's rights," the deputy concluded.


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