(*) Nasrallah: Discord with Palestinians and displaced Syrians was being plotted

Sat 14 Nov 2015 at 23:20 Politics
NNA - Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, disclosed that "conspiracy to create strife with the Palestinians and Syrian refugees was behind the terrorist attack on Thursday."

Touching on the tragic events of the Burj el-Barajneh double terrorist bombing via "al-Manar" TV Channel on Saturday evening, Nasrallah praised "the achievement of the security forces, especially the ISF Information Branch, in following-up closely with the resistance security, in an extensive and professional manner."

"For the upcoming days, we must continue to work closely together as we have done previously in the face of car bombings," added Nasrallah.

"During the Qalamoun war, many heads of these networks were also arrested, thanks to the role of the Lebanese Army Intelligence and security forces," Nasrallah went on. He pointed to "Daesh's resorting to such methods of suicide bombings to kill the largest number of people possible," stressing the need to "capture the control heads of such terrorist groups."

Nasrallah called for "assuming responsibility to thwart any goals by these terrorists," while stressing that "no religious or moral or humanitarian logic would allow for holding Palestinians or Syrian refugees to blame," urging all sides to "continue to act responsibly."

Moreover, Nasrallah urged Palestinian factions to "practice closer surveillance regarding those renting apartments inside refugee camps, in order to prevent them from being transformed into a base for such savages."

"Our battle is one, against one enemy, and our cause is one, namely Palestine," he added.

"The same thing applies to our Syrian brethrens," Nasrallah went on, calling for avoiding any attack against Syrian refugees "since many of them are supportive of our resistance line against such terrorist groups." He also urged Syrian refugees "not to be exploited by terrorists to execute their atrocities on Lebanese territories," reminding them that "terrorism is blind and differentiates not between one nationality and another."

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