Sniper fire terrorizes Sidon neighbourhoods after bloody night

Sun 23 Aug 2015 at 10:12 Security & Law
NNA - NNA field correspondent to the southern city of Sidon reported that at around 8 a.m. on Sunday the neighbourhoods of Baasiry and Njassa fell under heavy sniper fire which did not spare Martyrs' Square as well as the roads and building facing Ayn el Helwe Camp.

Despite a ceasefire agreement reached during the night, intermittent clashes continued well into the night between Fatah Movement and Jound el Sham. RPGs and grenades were used in the fighting, while sniper fire cut off most of the roads of the Palestinian refugee camp.

The clashes left three dead and 20 injured people in critical condition. Fires ravaged through homes and cars and properties were left damaged. Many Palestinians were forced to go into the city of Sidon. Even the Lebanese Armed Forces were not spared, as fires targeted their posts at the entrances of the Camp. The LAF retaliated to the source of fire.

Security Forces were forced to redirect traffic for a while from the eastern side of the highway into the seaside road due to heavy sniping activity.


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