Khalil: Constitution is no date to be devoured upon hunger!

Sun 12 Jul 2015 at 17:37 Politics
NNA - The Lebanese Constitution is no Ramadan date to be devoured upon hunger, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, stated during an Iftar banquet given by AMAL at Mariyya resort IN Jiyyeh yesterday.

Speaking at the behest of House Speaker Nabih Berri, the minister added that sectarian divisions defeated both communities and the state. Far from misinterpreting the Constitution, protagonists must go ahead with their dialogue while preserving both army and police as guarantors of national security and stability.

Acknowledging the gravity of the present financial juncture, the minister went on to say that reverting to state organs and institutions alone could salvage the situation. He asserted his ministry's continued committal to balance its public debt in a bid to safeguard Lebanon's reputation.

Khalil urged deputies to reactivate parliament in order to pass laws rather than just engage in faulty misinterpretations of the constitution. Also reiterating AMAL's commitment to Muslim/Christian parity, Khalil concluded that AMAL and the rest are minorities and minorities must unite by engaging in dialogue as the only way for saving Lebanon


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