Aoun: They are eliminating Christians of the East by the sword and wish to eliminate us by politics

Sat 04 Jul 2015 at 21:14 Politics
NNA - "Change and Reform" Parliamentary Bloc Head, MP Michel Aoun, described the current conditions as "tense," adding that "they are eradicating Christian existence in the East through the use of swords, and are trying to abolish our presence through politics."

"For this reason we are preparing for a popular movement to confront all that is happening," added Aoun, speaking before a delegation of supporters from the South who visited him at his Rabieh residence on Saturday.

Aoun considered that "what is going on inside the cabinet, as well as prolonging of the Parliament Council's term, are actually intended for two aims, namely to take control of the government's decision and to control Christian representatives' positions, namely the Presidency and Army Command."

"This is a very dangerous issue that involves all of us, for it has become a matter of existence and things cannot go on in this manner," he stressed.

"This is the main reason for our call to all the Lebanese people, Christians in particular, and our reassurances that we shall remain here and never leave elsewhere," noted Aoun.

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