(Update) Sami Gemayel declares candidacy for Kataeb presidency

Wed 03 Jun 2015 at 21:37 Politics

NNA - MP Sami Gemayel announced his candidacy for the presidency of the Kataeb Party, saying a growing economic deficit represented in companies' bankruptcy and increase of unemployment exists in the country, in addition to national shortfall.

MP Gemayel'a candidacy announcement- under the rubric of "Lebanese Project"- came during a press conference he held on Wednesday in Bifaya, in the presence of Kataeb politburo members, Kataeb ministers and deputies, as well as party supporters and politicians.

Gemayel disclosed that he was away from media spotlight in the past year, whereby he had the chance to with a great number of the Lebanese from different shades of opinion and dwell in depth on the difficult stage sustained in the country.

The Lawmaker disclosed that the Kataeb party carries an integrated project for the building of Lebanon, indicating that the Phalange party has always been a force of refusal to the vertical line in Lebanon.

Gemayel also affirmed that Kataeb is a force of refusal to all attempts by some sides to drag Lebanon into unwanted wars and problems, rejecting simultaneously all sorts of corruption and subordination to the outside.

The Lawmaker also indicated that the Phalange party will be open to all parties and shall hold dialogue with all its rival sides on the basis of its unyielding constants and principles.

"Our dialogue is based on mutual respect, openness and truth," Gemayel said, underling that Kataeb holds a pure Lebanese project rather than a confessional one belonging to all the Lebanese.

Gemayel also stressed that all the Lebanese reject the takfiri project, with absolute national unity in this regard.

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