Sleiman: I accept to run for second period as consensual candidate

Sat 18 Apr 2015 at 12:42 Politics
NNA - Former President Michel Sleiman called to shun Lebanon the Yemeni conflict and commit to Baabda declaration, announcing that he would accept to run for a second turn but just as a consensual candidate.

Sleiman words came during his visit to Kuwait. He announced that he held many political meetings during which discussions featured high on protecting the Lebanese in the Gulf countries from the repercussions of the anti-Gulf, mainly anti-Saudi diatribes.

"Attacking some parties and their religion from any other party raises conflicts," Sleiman told "Free Lebanon" radio station.

He added that verbal polarization contradicts the media honor accord stipulated in Baabda declaration, underscoring necessity to "shun Lebanon the conflict in Yemen and to commit to Baabda declaration."

Commenting on the presidential elections, Sleiman said "I left presidency to assure that constituion is more important than persons and I don't regret my decision."

Sleiman added, "Yes, I do accept to run for a second term but just as a consensual candidate and when they (all parties) agree on Baabda declaration, I become consensual president."

Sleiman expressed his optimism over Lebanon's future, pointing that he is displeased with the futile political management to the Lebanese file.

He added that the main mistake regarding that was not approving a modern electoral law that secures correct representation.


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