Gregory in appeal to world conscience: For Muslims and Christians to work together in salvation of Arab Orient

Tue 22 Jul 2014 at 18:03 Politics

NNA - Roman Catholic Patriarch of the Antioch and All the East, Gregory III Lahham, urged Muslims and Christians to work hand in hand to rescue the Arab Orient from the perils of the malevolent Takfiri groups that threaten the safety of all citizens in the Arab world and its neighborhood.

Patriarch Gregory's fresh words on Tuesday came in an appeal to the world conscience, urging combined efforts to suppress these extremist groups which are jeopardizing the security of the whole world and destroying the feelings of love, communication, tolerance and friendship among all people of the Arab world and its neighborhood.

The Patriarch held the European world, America, Russia and all countries the responsibility of the growing of these extremists groups which do not deserve to be dubbed as "Islamic" or "Arab" since Islam and Arabism are categorically innocent of such groups.

"The risks of such barbaric, malicious Takfiri groups do not only entail the Christians of Iraq but also all citizens in the Arab world and its neighborhood.. They also jeopardize the future of joint coexistence in the Arab Orient," Gregory said in his plea.

On the other hand, Gregory reiterated the need for seeking a just solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as a mean to resolve a lot of the hideous sectarian conflicts gripping our beloved East.

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