Abou Faour unveils new strategy to audit hospital bills

Wed 02 Jul 2014 at 12:18 Miscellaneous
NNA - Public Health minister, Wael Abou Faour, on Wednesday disclosed a new electronic strategy to audit hospital bills. The Minister explained that the new system makes an immediate discount on the excess cost of "inflated bills".

"If an inflated hospital bill is suspected with a 70 percent increase [over-pricing], then all the other bills by the very same hospital will receive a 70 percent discount," Abou Faour explained in a press conference he had held at his ministerial office this morning.

"This new strategy is tantamount to a substantial reform tool," he added, confirming that this method is not aimed against hospitals, but towards mitigating squandering, theft, and corruption.

Abou Faour warned that over-priced bills coming from any hospital shall be referred to the Ministry of Health to be detected by this new strategy.

The Minister finally implored hospitals not to place the Ministry of Health before crucial situations, asserting that this new strategy is conducted by an electronic software, which humans can never mess with.


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