National Audiovisual Council condemns STL

Sun 27 Apr 2014 at 13:43 Politics
NNA - The National Audiovisual Council stressed the importance of taking into consideration the unique reference for Lebanese laws to deal with all aspects of the media sector in the country, as this principle is mentioned in the Constitution.

In this context, and in a statement released Sunday, the Council condemned the approach of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon against Al- Jadeed TV and the daily Al -Akhbar , considering that it represented " a breach of Lebanese sovereignty and a violation of the freedom of press."

The Council did not fail to express its concern about a possible "transformation of the STL to a tool of foreign tutelage over Lebanon and the Lebanese."

"Notifying the public is the duty of the media as it represents a direct expression of transparency, honesty and citizens' right to know, according to the Declaration of Human Rights and international conventions," the statement said.

The Council finally hoped that the Lebanese media body would deal with "this blatant violation," calling on the government to assume its responsibilities in this context.


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