Nasrallah marks 'Resistance Martyrs' commemoration, highlights dangers of Israeli enemy threats & regional confrontations, tackles new cabinet formation

Sun 16 Feb 2014 at 23:41 Politics

NNA - In a televised word Sunday evening marking the commemoration of Resistance Martyrs Ragheb Harb, Abbas Moussawi and Imad Meghnieh, Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, paid tribute to all fallen martyrs, praising their sacrifices in defense of their dignity, pride and future of their country.

Tackling various hour issues at stake during the current critical phase in Lebanon and the surrounding region, Nasrallah shed light on three main headlines, namely the Israeli enemy threats, dangers of regional confrontations and the new cabinet formation.

Nasrallah expressed regret at the missing Arab role in confronting the Israeli enemy threats towards all peoples of the Arab and Islamic world. "All incidents in the region are happening either with the United States Administration's support or aid," stressed Nasrallah; pointing especially to the American plot to eliminate all traces of the Palestinian cause, amidst total Arab and Islamic absence.

Nasrallah pointed to the ongoing attempts to enforce conditions on Palestinians, pushing them towards abandoning their cause. He also reminded, herein, all Lebanese of the Israeli enemy's dangers and threats to Lebanon and its lands, waters and oil wealth, dating back to its invasion of Lebanese territories in 1982.

"The Israeli enemy remains, the danger, and we ought to stay alert to that fact," stressed Nasrallah, warning against any negligence of the extent of Israel's menace and ill-intentions.

"Such an enemy frightens us not, nor does it weaken our will and determination; and it knows well the resistance's extent of readiness, despite all that is happening in Lebanon and Syria, for the greatest challenge remains confronting the Israeli enemy," stated Nasrallah.

Meanwhile, he wished that the Lebanese Army would become the sole power in defense of Lebanon, hoping for serious support extended to it. However, Nasrallah considered that "Lebanon is still left to face its own fate and destiny." He, thus, hoped for the State's rise; one that would be "able to build an army and capabilities needed for protecting Lebanon."

Nasrallah went on to warn against the danger of "takfiri terrorism" and the act of rejecting the "different" other. "Takfiri terrorism has become present in all countries of the region and is no longer limited to the Christian sector, but has widened to involve the Sunnis, Shiites and all other sect members," stated Nasrallah.

"Some have accused Hezbollah of being responsible for dragging suicide bombers into the country, in wake of its involvement in Syria," Nasrallah went on. "However, such takfiri extremist approach has targeted the Army long before the Syrian incidents," he noted. "What actually brought takfiris into the Lebanese scene is their mentality," Nasrallah explained, pledging that "Hezbollah shall remain wherever it ought to be."

Furthermore, Nasrallah pointed out that there can be no future in presence of the threats that such extremist groups pose to the Lebanese altogether. "Hence, the cause to confront their inflicting danger becomes a worthy cause by all means," he stressed.

As for the new cabinet, Nasrallah highlighted Hezbollah's continuous attachment to the participation of all sides in any government in Lebanon. "We ventured into opening the way and were reciprocated, at a regional and international political moment, with a welcoming, appreciative initiative on the other side," Nasrallah explained.

"The Party was the one to sacrifice for the sake of forming the government, in light of its sole concern for the country's interest and its refusal of a state of void," added Nasrallah. He described the new cabinet as one of "national interest," pointing to Hezbollah's hopes that it would be a "government of consensus, understanding and dialogue, in a bid to fortify the Lebanese scene in face of all waves of discord." He implored all sides in the country to cooperate for the sake of meeting the presidential elections' deadline, and for confronting all forms of terrorism.

Nasrallah concluded by urging all Arabs to work for ceasing the war on Syria and allowing Syrians the chance to reconcile amongst each other, so as to spare the region endless strife and conflicts and to protect Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and the nation, as a whole.

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