UAE Embassy in Beirut holds Webinar on Human Fraternity Document

Sun 19 Sep 2021 at 15:51 Politics

NNA – The United Arab Emirates Embassy in Beirut held a webinar session entitled, “The Importance of Activating the Document of Human Fraternity in the Fields of Research, Studies and Academia”, with the participation of the Director of the Center for Documentation and Islamic and Christian Research at Saint Joseph University, Professor Rola Talhouk, and Professor of the Sheikh Zayed Chair for Arab and Islamic Studies at the American University of Beirut, Dr. Bilal Al-Arfa.

The session shed light on the “significance of the document and its role in perpetuating the policies of openness and tolerance, thanks to the efforts made by the UAE in this regard."

The Emirates Embassy stressed, in its word, that "the UAE attaches great importance to spreading the principles of the document through education and by adopting many ambitious initiatives in this field," noting that "the UAE's firm approach is to promote the values of tolerance and spread global peace."

For her part, Dr. Talhouk touched on "many initiatives and projects that can be undertaken to support the values and foundations on which the document is based, including its introduction in all school and university stages."

In turn, Al-Arfa highlighted “the role that the Sheikh Zayed Chair at AUB can play in activating the document,” considering that “the task entrusted to Arab and Muslim academics is great, because the educational system is the mainstay on which societies are based, and the university campus is the laboratory where ideas arise and flourish and where notions are tested.”



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