Former Prime Ministers: We support the nomination of President Najib Mikati to assume the task of forming the government

Sun 25 Jul 2021 at 20:10 Politics

NNA – In an issued statement following the meeting by former Prime Ministers Najib Mikati, Fouad Siniora, Saad Hariri and Tammam Salam held at “Center House” this afternoon, they declared their support for “the nomination of President Najib Mikati to assume the task of forming a government based on binding parliamentary consultations, provided that the formation process takes place according to the dictates of constitutional and legal rules, and emulates the expectations of the Lebanese, their Arab brethrens and friends in the world.”

The statement stressed that the future government must work “to begin implementing economic, financial, monetary, administrative and political reforms, including speeding-up the start of transparent, serious and timely dialogue and cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, as well as with Arab, international, financial and development institutions and brotherly and friendly countries, in a way that contributes to restoring the country’s advancement and the stability of the economic, financial and monetary conditions.”



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