Diab meets delegation of Families of Lebanese Students Abroad Association

Thu 08 Apr 2021 at 18:55 Politics

NNA - Caretaker Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, today met with a delegation from the Lebanese Association for Parents of Students in Foreign Universities, which included Sheikh Jihad Al-Abdullah, Mahmoud Obeid, RiadKhoury, Nayef Ghaith, Assaad Al-Taher and Dr. RabihKanj, in the presence of PM Advisor, Hussein Kaafarani.

After the meeting, Dr. Kanj said, “We visited H.E. and briefed him about the steps we are undertaking, especially in light of the failure of banks to implement the Student Dollar Law as the only solution to savethousands of students abroad. Six months have passed since the publication of the Law in the Official Gazette, and having reached a dead end, we resorted, in our capacity as Lebanese Association for Parents of Students in Foreign Universities, to the Public Prosecutor's Office and we provided information about Law 193 and its non-implementation by the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) represented by its Chairman, Salim Sfeir, knowing that on January 13, 2021 we sent a warning to the ABL, but the bailiff replied that the ABL’s address was unknown; thus, notification could not be made. "

Then Mr. Assaad Daher said: “We have informed H.E. of the legal path that we are taking, and we tell the Lebanese people that misinformation being circulatedby the banks and the governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon is untrue, and we will continue our escalatorysteps in the streets. We also hold the banks responsiblefor the repercussions of our moves, for the pain isgetting too great and the academic year is nearing its end.”

For his part, Sheikh Jihad Al-Abdullah affirmed that Premier Diab has expressed his full readiness to support students abroad within his powers and prerogatives”.-- PM Press office



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