Lebanese Civic Coalition issues new statement: A Choice and a Path

Thu 08 Apr 2021 at 15:45 Politics

NNA - The Civic National Front Bureau and the Steering Committee of Pyramid held a joint meeting to approve the political document, the national rescue policy program, the action plan, and the organizational papers of the Lebanese Civic Coalition.

The participants approved the documents that will launch the Lebanese Civic Coalition, a platform for an organized and structured political opposition, born from the womb and spirit of the October 17 Revolution, sharing a unified program, vision and leadership towards the New Lebanon.

The participants issued a statement titled "A Choice and a Path", in which they stated:

"Since the outset of the October 17 revolution, the search for a civic and national opposition coalition has begun. Led by a clear vision, a comprehensive program, and an organized leadership, the Lebanese Civic Coalition would provide a rescue- policy oriented alternative to the ruling Regime.

The Lebanese Civic Coalition, thanks to the scientific and systematic efforts put by the Civic National Front and the Pyramid group, including revolutionary figures, experts, and opinion leaders will be launched in the coming two weeks. Built around an organized structure, it wishes to expand its scope of representation and trigger coordination between the dynamic change-oriented societal figures.

On The Lebanese Civic Coalition  agenda, the implementation of the Constitution, the establishment of a Civic State, the exercise of full sovereignty, a diversity-oriented citizenship, impartiality towards regional and international conflicts, and a financial-economic-social reform based on good governance, accountability, and transparency. This agenda stems from a purely political position that is keen on building a nation and establishing the rule of law on the grounds of sustainable public policies.

The Lebanese Civic Coalition believes in producing a public opinion that embraces change and relies on an Establishment that thrives to restore the State and reconfigure authority via a peaceful democratic path; public good being interrelated with common good.

The Lebanese Civic Coalition will bring together the dynamics of ideas and the dynamics of the grassroots. It will appeal to the Diaspora to make sure that it gains considerable weight and a status comparable to that of any decision-making entity that is substitute to the ruling regime. It will be guided by a vision, a program, and a leadership for building a New Lebanon."—LCC 






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