Bassil: We will not despair until awaited solution sees light

Wed 07 Apr 2021 at 19:39 Twitter

NNA - Free Patriotic Movement leader, MP Gebran Bassil, on Wednesday said via Twitter, “I have shown, and still am, full responsiveness to any French wish to visit Paris, or to meet anywhere and with whomever, void complexes or arguments, and without trespassing the powers of the President of the Republic or undermining his role in form and content. Our main concern is the implementation of reforms, starting with the formation of a government. But despite all this, and despite the FPM’s decision not to participate in the new government, despite the FPM’s endeavors facilitating and element ting all the obstacles facing the cabinet formation, and despite setting more than one date and opportunity, someone has come to block every attempt that carried hope. We will continue to be responsive to every external or internal endeavor, and we will not despair until the awaited solution sees the light."





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