Italian Civil Defense official to NNA: Etna volcano eruptions do not threaten Lebanon, Middle East population

Tue 06 Apr 2021 at 10:59 Regional

NNA - Mount Etna volcano, located on the eastern coast of the Italian island of Sicily, has been witnessing new eruptions for more than two weeks. Small volcanic stones and ash have consequently fallen on this city, whose airport has been closed more than once. 

However, the trajectory of the huge mass of sulfur dioxide gas resulting from the eruption of the Italian volcano to the Middle East region has been a source of worry among the residents of those regions, including Lebanon. 

Accordingly, the National News Agency interviewed Italian Civil Defense Commissioner and specialist in natural disasters, Leonardo Corbo, who assuaged these growing concerns by affirming that “no such thing would happen.”

“The situation has been the same for thousands of years, and our laboratories have confirmed over and over again that the peoples surrounding the volcano are in no danger, thus the countries of the Middle East are in no danger either,” said Corbo. 

This is the 17th, post-World War II eruption of Etna volcano, and what is being said about pictures showing the occurrence of a storm with an enormous mass of gas taking an eastern course is exaggerated, added Corbo. 

He went on to affirm that the mass of gas that moved towards the east would disintegrate with the passage of time. “Even sulfur dioxide, known as irritant gas, does not affect the inhabitants of Sicily,” he added. 

“Talks about the effects of acid rain on crops is also exaggerated because the cloud is very high in altitude,” Corbo concluded.





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