Jermi Kaesewerke firm, Caritas Germany donate 2800 cheese blocks to Caritas Lebanon

Mon 15 Feb 2021 at 16:17 Initiatives

NNA - The Jermi Kaesewerke firm and Caritas Germany has decided to contribute to Caritas Lebanon, through “F.N Abi Aad (Abiaco) society” a generous donation of German cheese containing 2800 cheese blocks.

The contribution was sent to Caritas Lebanon through ABIACO, the Company that is offering all the needed premises from importation to refrigerators in order to safely store the products in Lebanon.

On Tuesday February 9, 2021 the Event of launching the donation was held in Abiaco Adonis whereas all the concerned parties have gathered in the presence of H.E. Andreas Kindl, the German Ambassador to Lebanon, Fr. Michel Abboud the President of Caritas Lebanon, Dr. Nicolas Hajjar VP of Caritas Lebanon, Mr. Andre Koueik Head of the Social Enterprise at Caritas Lebanon as well as Mr. Fouad Abi Aad who had an opening speech thanking the attendees for the initiative and highlighting the provision of premises by his Company Abiaco.

Mr. Fouad Abi Aad:

“I want to thank you all for taking the time of being with us today,

We are offering you today our premises, a special cold room to store the products, so all this donation will be stored in a separate cold room especially booked for Caritas Lebanon until you will start distributing them. Whenever you want to pick up the products you will have a special access to this room”

H.E. Andreas Kindl:

“Thank you for allowing me to participate at this ceremony and thank you for making this donation possible to come to the Lebanese people. I must say we tend to support Lebanon, we the German Government, we always hand the Lebanese people the necessary help especially in the Paris conference whereas we pledged around 20 million euros and we gave more than that in the last six months through other initiatives. As such, I would like to mention that there is more like a strong tradition for German people which is to donate privately far away from media outlets and news coverage. We have many examples that occurred in the last six months throughout donations made by associations and NGOs that generously donated after hearing about the Beirut Blast, speaking of which, it is a particular honor for me to witness German companies maintaining good old relations with various Lebanese companies and also taking part in this tradition by donating privately. I am grateful for this. Thank you for your contribution and for this opportunity. I am glad to be among my dear friends, Fr. Michel Abbood and Dr. Hajjar, and more than glad that Caritas will be profiting from this contribution in order to guarantee efficient support and implementation for the Lebanese less fortunate families”

Fr. Michel Abboud:

“I thank God for the giving hearts around us and the good deeds of today as helping the poor is an act that remains eternal with the most powerful impact on earth, even though nowadays in Lebanon, we have Newly undeserved citizens unfortunately, who were once the ones contributing and supporting the less fortunate through Caritas Lebanon. It is hard on us to find them suddenly on the other side and it is very difficult on them today to become the less fortunate ones. Nevertheless, we always thank god for initiators like yourselves, especially Caritas Germany, we deeply thank them for many previous initiatives, many donations and many contributions from Germany to Lebanon.

We, Caritas Lebanon, are ongoingly helping and supporting 40 000 families in need.”

Last but not least, Dr. Nicolas Hajjar expressed deep appreciation towards the transparency and credibility in the Caritas Lebanon work.

At the end, a sight visit was held whereas all the esteemed key people were escorted to the room refrigerating JEREMI products by Mr. Abi Aad and a reception followed the activity.—Caritas Lebanon 






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