Information Internationals Opinion Poll reveals information about Lebanese people's intent to get Covid-19 vaccine: 38% reject it, 31% want to get it, 31% have not decided

Mon 08 Feb 2021 at 17:46 Corona

NNA - Information International on Monday distributed a statement containing the results of an opinion poll it had conducted on the willingness of the Lebanese population to receive the Coronavirus vaccine.

The statement explained that the company had conducted a poll from January 30, 2021 to February 4, 2021, to discover the opinion of a representative sample of the Lebanese population consisting of 500 people, including all age groups.

How ready are the Lebanese to receive the vaccine?

The answer to this question has shown that the Lebanese people are divided in their stances over the Coronavirus vaccine into 3 categories, with an increase in the percentage of those who reject getting the vaccine.

The majority of 38% of respondents expressed their unwillingness to receive the vaccine while 31% expressed willingness to get the vaccine, yet 31% said that they had not decided yet.

In more details, the percentage of those who want to receive the vaccine increased to 44% among the 60-64 year-old age group, yet it decreased as the age groups went above 65 (33%) or under 60 (29%).

The survey did not show a significant correlation within the aforementioned stances; however, it has shown that 34% of those who suffer from chronic diseases want to get the vaccine, compared to 35% of those who do not suffer from chronic diseases and who still want to get the vaccine.

As for gender, the results of the survey have shown a greater tendency among male respondents to receive the vaccine (39%) compared to (25%) among women.

Albeit respondents who work have proven to be more prone to get the vaccine than those who are unemployed (34% versus 28% respectively).

Reasons for rejecting the vaccine or hesitating to get it? 

41% fear the side effects. 25% fear the conflicting information about the vaccine.  17% doubt the effectiveness of the vaccine, and a rate as low as 7% fear the speed through which the vaccine was produced. Only 10% refused to answer or gave other reasons.






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