FPM: Corona is an incentive to accelerate government formation

Sat 16 Jan 2021 at 12:09 Politics

NNA - The "Free Patriotic Movement" political body held its periodic meeting today, chaired by its Chief, MP Gebran Bassil, following which an issued statement indicated that "Corona crisis should be a catalyst to accelerate the formation of the government, and it should motivate the caretaker government to carry out its duties, especially the ministers who interpret the resignation as a disclaimer of responsibility and abandonment of work."

The FPM polit-bureau statement confirmed that "the constitution holds the caretaker government responsible for inaction, which, in light of these difficult health and financial conditions, leads to harm and even danger to citizens, resulting in a legal and moral responsibility on part of the inactive minister towards citizens."

Moreover, the statement called on the Ministry of Public Health and the Coronavirus Committee to "adopt a decision banning travel to Lebanon from countries where the mutated Corona strains appear."

Finally, conferees expressed their concern about the increase in the number of people infected with Coronavirus and the number of deaths, in light of the limited capabilities of both the state and the private sector.

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