Abi Ramia to citizens: Your responsibility is to respect the prevention measures, maintain social distancing

Sat 09 Jan 2021 at 15:19 Twitter

NNA - MP Simon Abi Ramia urged citizens to abide by the Coronavirus precautionary measures, appealing to their conscience in a tweet saying: "You call on us as representatives to help find intensive care rooms for your loved ones infected with Corona while they await outside emergency sections in hospitals that have exceeded their capacity...We cannot help, because the decision is up to the medical staff, which set the priorities and are doing a tremendous job. It is your responsibility as citizens to respect the prevention measures and not to socialize because the situation is catastrophic. It is our responsibility as representatives to keep pace with and urge the executive authority to secure all requirements to combat the epidemic and to take strict measures. As for the medical and nursing teams, they are carrying out their work according to their recognized professional conscience.


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