Morrison on Lebanon's Independence Day: You will overcome challenges as you have done throughout history

Sun 22 Nov 2020 at 10:41 Politics

NNA - Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, addressed a congratulatory letter to the Lebanese, marking the 77th Independence Day, saying: "We remember Lebanon on this day in 1943, when it gained its independence in a historical event, and it is a country rich in its history and cultural heritage."

"The Lebanese-Australian relations are deepening and solidifying with the renewed generations and ongoing communication between the two peoples. Australian citizens from Lebanese origin have done a lot for Australia through their sacrifices and generosity, and they have helped the multicultural society of Australia succeed," Morrison's letter said.

The letter added that "Independence Day falls this year full of pain as a result of the explosion of Beirut and the health crisis that swept the world," expressing the solidarity and unity of the Australian people with the Lebanese.

The Australian PM's letter concluded that "the Lebanese people will overcome the adversities and challenges they face as they have done throughout their history."

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