Parents of Students Studying Abroad: We appeal to the President of the Republic to receive us tomorrow, sign the 'Student Dollar Law'

Sun 18 Oct 2020 at 19:46 Education & Culture

NNA - The Association of Families of Lebanese Students Studying Abroad pointed out, in an issued statement today, that the "Student Dollar Law" which was approved by the Parliament at the end of last September has not yet been signed.

"Every day of delay expels ten students from their universities because of the deadlines given to pay their tuition installments," the statement warned.

In this context, it called on all concerned families to gather at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, Monday, in front of Baabda Palace, "to visit His Excellency (President of the Republic General Michel Aoun) to explain their concerns, and ask him to kindly sign the law, which has become the only way to save the students' remaining future, and to help the parents in directly monitoring the banks' proper implementation mechanism so that they do not fall victim to exploitation again."

The statement concluded by appealing to the President of the Republic to receive the students' families at the People's Palace to listen to their problems, and to accord special attention and priority to their dossier in light of its great national significance.


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