Saad: We are heading to the binding consultations without naming any prime minister

Sun 18 Oct 2020 at 15:44 Politics

NNA - Member of the "Strong Republic" Parliamentary Bloc, MP Fadi Saad, affirmed Sunday that they will be partaking in the binding parliamentary consultations without naming anyone to head the upcoming government.

"Since the power must be reproduced, and due to the change in the popular mood and given that the Central Bank's reserves are about to end, we have to go to a new rescue government that is fully independent," said Saad, confirming that "the citizen is now in another place and his sole concern is how to secure his livelihood."

"It is not normal for us to go through all these crises while the political class is still of the same mentality," he added in a televised interview.

"We call on all parties, allies and opponents, not to participate in any government, because some still have their appetite for positions and shares," he underlined.

Saad stressed that "the main interest today is the citizen and Lebanon," while affirming that "the Constitution is being violated every day, and if we had implemented the Taef Accord well, we would not have reached this stage."

"It is not permissible to stick to the Ministry of Finance and what is happening indicates that there are deliberate hidden intentions," he concluded.


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