Oweidat's Office: Discriminatory Public Prosecution follows a scientific approach in Beirut Port explosion investigations, any interference distorts proper judicial course of action

Sat 17 Oct 2020 at 19:02 Security & Law

NNA - In an issued statement Saturday by the Office of State Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oueidat, it indicated that following the disaster blast that hit Beirut's port, investigations began at that time under the supervision Judge Oueidat, who had previously issued a statement on August 10, 2020, in which he explained to the public opinion the scientific pattern and approach he adopted in the investigations, including the use of international capabilities in the criminal sciences.

"In fact, the Public Prosecutor has already directed, through the embassies of the United States of America, France and Britain, judicial assignments to the aforementioned countries, in addition to other assignments to countries concerned with the case, and he has held many meetings with criminal officials designated by those countries, informing them of his request to conduct the necessary technical investigations, while he continues to be in almost daily contact with them," the statement added.

"This has resulted in receiving some reports from the aforementioned bodies and referring them to the judicial investigator, which entails informing the public opinion that the work of international forensic experts is carried out via the discriminatory public prosecutor and with the essential participation of the judicial investigator," the statement went on.

"This is the outcome of the discriminatory public prosecution's efforts, and the confidence that the aforementioned countries have in the work of the Lebanese judiciary," the statement asserted.

Consequently, it considered that any interference by any side constitutes interference in the work of the judicial authority. Hence, it pointed to fears of distorting the proper judicial course of action and rendering the international cooperation with the judicial authority, which takes place through administrative correspondence with the competent ministry, tainted with fallacies.


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