Berri urges all to reflect upon the North sad scene, begin from there

Sun 27 Sep 2020 at 15:53 Politics

NNA - House Speaker Nabih Berri commented Sunday on the terrorist attacks that targeted the army and security forces in the North region, saying: "Lebanon and its proud and deprived North region are in the eye of the storm of terrorism...and it is always the military institution and security forces, officers, soldiers and individuals, that offer endless sacrifices until martyrdom, as a redemption for the country and in preservation of its unity and stability and the protection of its civil peace."

"Once again, everyone is called upon to reflect on the sad scene of the North. The beginning starts from there, from the language of the martyrs, the language of the army and security forces. Those who do not understand their language at these critical moments cannot understand the language of their homeland," Berri underscored.

He concluded by expressing his deepest condolences to the families of the fallen martyrs, to the military institution and to all the Lebanese, praying to the Lord Almighty to rest their souls in peace and for a speedy recovery of the wounded.


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