Army announces results of survey works in areas afflicted by the Beirut Port blast

Sat 19 Sep 2020 at 16:03 Twitter

NNA - The Lebanese Army tweeted Saturday on the survey words in the areas affected by the Beirut Port explosion, indicating in the first tweet that "survey works were completed in the areas affected by the explosion within 15 days."

"The survey works were undertaken by 250 committees consisting of 1000 officers and sergeants, in addition to 500 civil engineers," the Army said in a second tweet.

It added in a third tweet that "85,744 affected units have been surveyed, and this process is considered sufficient, whereby there is no need for any additional survey operations by donors."

In a fourth tweet, it added: "Any donor (friendly countries, non-governmental organizations, individual donors, etc...) wishing to donate can view the results of the accurate and transparent survey and benefit from its outcome by communicating with the Army's leadership command."


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