Head of Chilean rescue team from Mar Mikhael: There is no indication whether person under rubble is still alive

Fri 04 Sep 2020 at 20:19 Miscellaneous

NNA - Head of the Chilean rescue team participating in the search for the living or those missing under the rubble in Mar Mikhael -  Gemmayzeh announced during a press conference at the search site that his team’s decision to come to Lebanon aimed at helping the people of Beirut after the disaster that befell them.

“Our specialization is to search for the living and those missing under the rubble, in mines, and in the depths of waters,” he explained. 

“The dog that was accompanying us sniffed an odor of someone who is supposedly stuck under the rubble, so the dog’s step was the first one, and then we used a thermal camera to hear the heartbeat,” he explained. 

“The experts accompanying us have discovered that someone is breathing slowly from under the rubble, and at a depth of 3 meters under. This prompted us to open 3 tunnels at a depth of 3 meters to reach the location of this person. Work is currently underway to reach the place where the pulse was discovered, yet there is no indication as to whether this person is alive or not,” head of the Chilean rescue team added. 

“Out of respect for the families of the missing under the rubble, we prefer not to provide any information until the end of the entire mission,” he concluded. 





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