Army addresses misunderstanding on course of search and rescue operation in Mar Mikhael

Fri 04 Sep 2020 at 09:26 Miscellaneous

NNA - The Army Command - Orientation Directorate - issued on Friday the following statement:


"Some media outlets and social media have reported that, despite the possible presence of people under the rubble of a collapsed building in Mar Mikhael - Ashrafieh as a result of the Beirut Port explosion, search and rescue work in the aforementioned building has been halted.


It is important for the army command to clarify that the Chilean search and rescue team and the civil defense team have stopped their work at 23:30 yesterday due to the risk of collapse of one of the cracked walls in the building, which posed a direct threat to the lives of the two teams' rescuers, and not at the request of the army command.


Accordingly, the army cordoned off the building, and assigned military engineers from its LAF engineering units who, with two civilian cranes, were able to eliminate the risk of collapse and secure the building for the continuation of work. The two aforementioned teams were asked to continue the search and rescue operation and resumed their work at 1:30 am on the same night, and the process continues until this minute."




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