Opening remarks by President Michel Aoun at Council of Ministers session

Wed 05 Aug 2020 at 13:54 Politics

NNA - Baabda Palace, August 5, 2020


No words can describe the horror of the disaster that has hit Beirut last night, turning it to a disaster-stricken city.


It is time to grieve for our martyrs, wounded and missing. There is no doubt that shock is tremendous among all the Lebanese to whom I appeal today to show solidarity and mutual assistance in order for us to overcome, together, the catastrophic effects that go way beyond Lebanon’s endurance during the harsh economic and health circumstances under which it succumbs.


Nevertheless, the impact of the trauma will not prevent us from affirming to the parents of the martyrs and injured first, then to all the Lebanese, that we are determined to move on with the investigations and expose the circumstances of what happened as soon as possible, to hold the responsible and the negligent accountable, and to sanction them with the most severe punishment. We shall transparently unveil the outcome of the probe that shall be undertaken by the investigation committee and whose results shall be submitted to the competent judiciary.


Amidst last night’s smokes, flames and destruction, I would like to laud the zeal of the Lebanese who rushed onto the blast location and perimeter and the hospitals to offer support and assistance, thus presenting a bright image of the spirit of Nationalism and Good that drives them.


I also wish to pay tribute to the security organs, the medical and paramedical personnel, the Red Cross, the Civil Defense, and the Fire Department for their work and for mobilizing all their potentials, personnel and capacities to provide first-aid, transfer the injured to hospitals and ensure accommodation to families whose houses have been damaged. I call on the Higher Relief Commission to intensify its action in view of conducting a comprehensive survey for damages and providing the necessary indemnities. 


I would also like to thank all the officials in brotherly and friendly states who have called us, stating that they support Lebanon, stand by its people in their ordeal, and wish to offer help. I appeal to them to speed up their assistance in order to support our hospitals and bereaved families, and restore the devastation incurred by buildings and by the Beirut Port, especially that Lebanon is going through an unprecedented economic crisis.


At this sad moment, my heart and feelings are with the families of the martyrs to whom I extend my most sincere condolences, as I ask God to cure the wounded, heal broken hearts and grant us all energy and resolve to stand up together in solidarity to face the painful scars that have disfigured Beirut, this ancient life-loving city whose affliction has shocked the whole world yesterday. -- Presidency Press Office



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