Defense Minister: Our constant bet is on our capable army to protect and fortifying Lebanon

Sat 01 Aug 2020 at 16:10 Politics

NNA - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense Zeina Akar, congratulated Saturday the military institution on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Lebanese Army Day, stressing that "the permanent bet is on our capable and strong army to protect, fortify, and preserve Lebanon's sovereignty."

In an issued statement marking the occasion, Akar said: "With its Diamond Jubilee, 75 years have passed as the army continued to render its patriotism above all else, thus gaining honor, sacrifice and loyalty. As we regret the absence of ceremonies and manifestations of this honorable day, yet we are full of hope that the army, its officers and its military establishment will be the celebration that illuminates the path of the homeland."

"This year's anniversary happens to directly coincide with Eid Al-Adha, with its meanings of sacrifice and perseverance despite the difficulties, and which denotes today a new date to support our army at this stage the country is going through, whereby we need to renew solidarity and unity, and stand immune in the face of crises and any attacks that may target Lebanon," Akar went on.

She added: "While we value and appreciate the efforts of the army, with its command, officers and military soldiers, in protecting Lebanon, its people and stability, with intent, will and exceptional strength internally, at the borders and throughout the country, we acknowledge the achievements of the army and its daily accomplishments to maintain security and spare the country any security-violating factors."

"As the army has stood in the face of the Israeli enemy and in the face of terrorism with firmness and determination, we see it today confronting a new threat of its kind, namely the Corona epidemic, where the military establishment is committed to all preventive measures," Akar underscored.

"Moreover, and since one of the army's tasks is to protect security, it will automatically be alongside peaceful demonstrators to protect them," the Defense Minister continued, adding that "it also fights smuggling at border crossings and is involved in providing humanitarian assistance to support the most underprivileged families."

"I assure our Lebanese society that the economic crisis does not exclude our military institution, for the military is the pulse of the people, and what the people feel actually strikes them at the core...Yet, despite these challenges, the army stands in the first line of defense, with the goal of remaining fully prepared," Akar corroborated.

"On the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Lebanese army, I salute the souls of the heroic martyrs and their families, and all the soldiers and their families who suffer as a result of injuries sustained while carrying out their duty," affirmed the Defense Minister.


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