Raad from Ministry of Foreign Affairs says handed Minister Hitti official petition against US Ambassador

Mon 13 Jul 2020 at 15:57 Politics


NNA - Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc leader, Mohammad Raad, on Monday said in the wake of a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Nassif Hitti, that the bloc had handed Minister Hitti “an official protest petition against the violations committed by US Ambassador to Lebanon since assuming her duties in Lebanon.”

“We have asked of Minister Hitti to adopt the required measures to control the ambassador’s conduct, especially in his capacity [Hitti] as a long-standing diplomat who enjoys many prerogatives,” Raad said. 

He went on to express hope that Hitti’s follow-up would bear fruit. “Respect for diplomatic rules and principles will positively affect the reputation of the ambassador and whoever she represents, but breaching them only reflects a bad impression against the side being represented. The ambassador must only act in accordance to the laws that govern her mission,” Raad added. 

“Our protest petition is against the US diplomat’s internal meddling, starting with official appointment, reaching provocative stances against a group of Lebanese citizens and misleading lies about the role of this group against the country’s treasury and economy,” Raad added. 





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