Hasbani: No one is holding this government responsible for past accumulations, but it is responsible with its decisions for the extent of collapse, absence of real reform

Sat 11 Jul 2020 at 20:29 Politics

NNA - Former Deputy Prime Minister, Ghassan Hasbani, affirmed Saturday that no one is placing the responsibility of past accumulations on the current government, while stating that it does shoulder responsibility, through its decisions, for the extent of collapse in the country and the absence of real reform.

"Unfortunately, this government, which claimed to be the government of independent professionals, has proven that its ministers are subordinates to political parties, and some have repeatedly threatened to resign, as they try to evade their responsibilities," Hasbani said in an interview with 'MTV" Station this afternoon.

He added: "The government has demonstrated its unprofessionalism and lack of technology during negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, and it has so far missed the opportunity to initiate the reforms that the IMF requires and that the Lebanese people demand," Hasbani underlined.

Referring to the siege on Lebanon, both internally and externally, Hasbani considered that the reason for this lies in "the insistence on quotas in appointments, default on debt repayment, uncontrolled borders and existing smuggling, currency value and lack of independence in the government's political decision."

"Instead of marching forward towards a digital society and keeping pace with development and modernization, they are taking us back to a finite and unappealing agricultural community where we import even seeds!" criticized Hasbani.

"Agriculture is not a substitute for the developed economic community and the advanced sectors of hospitalization, insurance, and banking," he emphasized, stressing that "nothing prevents the investor or any supportive country or expatriate from investing money in Lebanon, other than losing confidence."

"We refuse to have Lebanon conform to the specifications of a failed state, in light of the existing approach, and if there is no serious change, we cannot continue with the slightest elements of civilization, for even basic services will be lost," warned Hasbani.


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