Hoballah: Our government is cleaning after the previous cabinets!

Sat 11 Jul 2020 at 18:01 Twitter

NNA - Industry Minister Imad Hoballah defended the current cabinet in the face of all those trying to hold it responsible for the prevailing situation, saying via his Twitter account that "the current government is trying to clean up the dirt of past governments," adding, "Our government is patient and works with determination."

In a second tweet, Hoballah said: "As for those lecturing against the policies of our government with unsuccessful videos, give us your suggestions! Our government is following up on matters and setting things right, and it did not throw a quarter of its employees on the street...! Fear the Lord, and if you know not how to fear God, limit such frivolous videos...Scream in the face of those threatening and attempting to starve and intimidate the Lebanese!"


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