Alain Aoun: Government is trying to be independent, but has demonstrated the opposite

Sat 11 Jul 2020 at 17:04 Politics

NNA - Member of the "Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary Bloc, MP Alain Aoun, considered that the cabinet is trying to be independent, yet its actions have proven otherwise.

"The responsibility of those in charge of this government is to push it in the direction of the required reforms, and to go in the direction of positive signals, instead of negative indications as it appears," said Aoun.

Speaking in an interview with 'Voice of All Lebanon 93.3" Radio Station this morning, the MP touched on the IMF negotiations, considering that "we ought to have a unified approach to the numbers that are being discussed with the International Monetary Fund," calling on the government to "search for solutions instead of continuing with the logic of clinging to its opinion."

"The Minister of Finance is about to end the last stage of the discussion to reach a unified approach," he revealed.

On the Electricity Board appointments, MP Aoun indicated that they are being conducted according to the balance of power in the government.

He stated that he is not opposed to the appointment mechanism, yet "if the Constitutional Council decides that the mechanism adopted is not constitutional, then we must, by definition, resort to a constitutional amendment."

Over the French Foreign Minister's recent statements, Aoun considered that his words are "a cry of a friend, since France was among the most enthusiastic about helping this government and giving it a chance...Unfortunately, the disappointment came as high as the hopes that were set."

"We do not deal with the government with a political background, but rather we base our input on the situation that we have reached," explained Aoun, emphasizing that the status quo cannot continue. "In the event that positive results are not reached, alternatives must be sought," he stressed, noting that his words are intended for motivation, away from any "malicious political goals."

Regarding the possibility of Lebanon heading East, the MP pointed out that "Lebanon, by composition, cannot be centered politically or economically on one party or axis without another," calling for "extending a cooperating hand to any side that may assist Lebanon, which, in turn, must perform its duties to alleviate the repercussions of its current stage."

On the recent position of the Maronite Patriarch, Aoun deemed his call to be "pivotal" and "a beneficial invitation to openly propose matters as they are and seek answers to them."


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