MoPH: Two new cases of Covid-19 among returning expats

Sun 05 Jul 2020 at 09:26 Corona

NNA - The Ministry of Public Health announced on Sunday the results of the PCR tests of the passengers who arrived on the MEA planes, on 3/7/2020, which showed two positive cases. The results are as follows:

Doha: Qatar Company No. 416 (all negative)
Kuwait: MEA No. 403 (all negative)
Berlin: SR 1551 (all negative)
Ethiopia: Ethiopian Company No. 406 (all negative)
Turkey: Turkish Company No. 826 (all negative)
Copenhagen: MEA 226 (all negative)
Jeddah: MEA No. 365 (two positive cases)
Dubai: Emirati company No. 957 (all negative)
Paris flight: Air France No. 566 (all negative)
Abu Dhabi: MEA No. 0419 (all negative)
Dubai: MEA No. 429 (all negative)
Paris: MEA No. 212 (all negative)
Frankfurt: MEA No. 218 (all negative)
London: MEA No. 202 (all negative)


---- R.K.

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