Health Minister on Baalbek's concert tomorrow: A civilized and illuminating message to the world, confirming that Lebanon will maintain its brightness despite all darkness

Sat 04 Jul 2020 at 20:32 Politics

NNA - Minister of Public Health, Hamad Hassan, toured the Baalbek Castle this afternoon in the company of Baalbek Governor Bashir Khodr, where he was briefed on the preparations underway for the concert expected to take place tomorrow evening, entitled "The Sound of Resilience".

Hassan highlighted the significance of this artistic event, which the public will follow through the media, in compliance with the measures of social distancing and prevention due to the Covid-19 virus.

"The culture of life, hope and facing challenges requires persistence, determination and will. These foundations are present within the Lebanese people, who have proven throughout their difficult experiences that they are capable of confronting challenges, and that the future will be more beautiful," Hassan said in a statement from Baalbek Castle.

He expressed his confidence that "the civilized and illuminating message that Baalbek will convey tomorrow evening will constitute an affirmation that the dark and gloomy picture we see today in our society is only a temporary phase that will end, and Lebanon will preserve its bright message despite all the darkness."


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