Hoballah inaugurates farmer's market in Tyre: For boosting production quality

Sat 04 Jul 2020 at 17:39 Economy

NNA - Minister of Industry, Imad Hoballah, inaugurated this morning the farmer's market, "Khairat Jabal Amel", organized by the "Regional Cooperative Union" in southern Lebanon and the "Good Tree Association", during a ceremony held at the northern entrance to the city of Tyre in the town of Abbassieh, in the presence of "Loyalty to the Resistance" Bloc members, MPs Hassan Ezzeddine and Hussein Jishi, alongside several dignitaries from the region.

In his word on the occasion, Hoballah welcomed this initiative that allows producers "to sell their agricultural, food and industrial produce in a direct manner, without any intermediaries."

"I affirm our need as Lebanese citizens, today more than ever, to economic-social activities and similar joint-solidarity initiatives in order to alleviate the daily living difficulties and outrageous costs from the shoulders of citizens, as they strive to secure their livelihood with dignity and pride," Hoballah said, pointing to state's determination to head East, keeping the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese above all.

The Minister indicated that the "government is giving priority to meeting the needs of industrialists and farmers, because the industrial and agricultural sectors constitute a cornerstone of the national economy, and they provide employment opportunities, and keep citizens well-established in their lands."

"I hope that the farmer's market will enhance the commercial and reciprocal movement, and contribute to the processing of the food and agricultural produce in Tyre and its surroundings, and become a model to be applied in various Lebanese regions," said Hoballah.

He emphasized that his Ministry stresses the need to abide by the right standards in production, tracking, packaging, and food safety, as a basic principle that must be adhered to, "and this starts with awareness and guidance," he added.

"The Industry Ministry is also working to boost the quality of production and industrial products, which will lead to achieving food security," Hoballah asseerted.


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