Cabinet discusses financial and educational situation, approves bill allocating 500 billion Lebanese pounds to support educational sector

Tue 30 Jun 2020 at 21:55 Politics

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, directed a question to know the reasons for the delay in signing the contracts with the companies that will conduct the focused audit in the accounts of the Central Bank of Lebanon, in accordance with the decision taken by the Council of Ministers three months ago. Considering that this audit would show the actual reasons that led to the current financial and monetary crisis.

For his part, Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab, considered that what is happening is exaggerating the crisis through fake news, starving people, cutting diesel, bread, electricity, food ... for trifle political reasons over the interest of the country and the Lebanese.  He stressed that the government will complete this week the adding on the list of basic food and consumer items, which the government will support.
He stressed that Lebanon cannot bear the cost of the burden of Syrian refuhees, and added: "We will study the options available to alleviate many burdens, which are among the duties of the international community, which is watching our hardships and difficult situation and is not helpIng us."

The Council of Ministers had held a session Tuesday afternoon in Baabda Presidential Palace, headed by the President of the Republic, in the presence of PM Diab and the ministers. The session discussed the current financial situations and ways to address them.

At the opening of the session, President Aoun spoke about the current economic, social and financial situation, and the measures taken to handle them. He pointed out that the decision taken by the Council of Ministers 3 months ago to audit the focused accounts of the Central Bank of Lebanon is still not concluded. He demanded to know the reasons for the delay in signing contracts with the companies that will take over this task, pointing out that this focused audit differs from the accounting audit, and therefore must be processed with the two audits, in implementation of the Cabinet’s decree that stipulated the assignment of an international auditing firm to carry out a focused accounting audit that would indicate the actual reasons for the financial and monetary situation, in addition to showing the accurate figures for the central bank’s budget and the profit and loss account, as well as the level of reserve available in foreign currencies.

Prime Minister Diab said:
"It is clear that pressure on the government is increasing, on the political, social, financial and economic levels.
Unfortunately, some people wish for the country to collapse economically and financially, and are working to prevent any assistance from Lebanon.  They are also trying to mingle in the plan for the airport’s opening tomorrow, and promoting false news that the state has set a certain amount of US dollars allowed to enter through the Aitport. 
With a mouthful, I say: travelers are allowed to bring in as much Dollars as they want, and no one will prevent them, but rather we invite the Lebanese expatriates to bring their money to Lebanon, and not listen to the rumors spreading by some black trumpets.
I am surprised at the lack of patriotism among some, and their work to build up financial pressure on Lebanon and the Lebanese people, in a way that suits their political interests and personal goals.
In other countries where the national currency are faces pressures against the US dollar, people have defied those pressures, and affirmed their national commitment away from political differences.  What is happening in Lebanon is the opposite.  Some people take advantage of the measures taken by the government to trade in dollars and raise the price in the black market, the size of which should not exceed 10% of the actual trading value in the US dollar.
What is happening is exaggerating the crisis through fake news, starving people, cutting diesel, bread, electricity, food ... for trivial political accounts over the interest of the country and the Lebanese.
What is happening is shameful for all Lebanese. The Lebanese should be well aware of who is trying to starve them, who incites and who commits atrocities against them.
Meanwhile, the government has taken several measure to protect people at the social level. This week we will complete adding to the list of basic food and consumer items that the government will support, to break the link between the dollar value and food and consumer prices. We have put an end to the wave of high prices and merchants control prices on the pretext of the rise in the dollar.
We will closely follow up on this topic, and announce the subsidized materials, which are more than 250 types of food and consumer items.
The state pays dearly to alleviate the crisis on the Lebanese side, while the international community must shoulder its responsibilities towards the Syrian refuge  and the costs of securing life services such as electricity, water and infrastructure.
Let us be clear.  We will not bear the cost of the burden Syrian refugees, and we will study the options available to alleviate the burdens of many of the duties of the international community, who give us thoughts and words of praise to the efforts by Lebanon in the file of the displaced, while watching our hardships and difficult circumstances and not helping us. It is time to put this on the table.
A final point on the file of the exclusive economic zone for Lebanon.  For us, our national sovereignty is sacred and we will preserve it by all legitimate means. We will not spare any grain of soil or a drop of water from our wealth.”

Minister of education


Q- why the Minister of Information did not read statement?

A-  I will not speak about the Minister of Information and cannot replace her. but what I want to say is that the government is trying to alleviate the suffering of the people. As a result, the members of this government are people.  I consider myself to be among the people and to the people I will return in the hope that we will turn these concerns into hopes soon.

Q-  On the value of supporting each student in private schools?

A-   it will be about 750 to 800 thousand pounds, but this support is related to the number of students.  And we will have a rule that specifies the number so that things will not be as schools want, but according to the names that were sent to the Ministry of Education and we have a clear picture of it. The main goal of the decision is to support schools and through them parents and students because the most important thing in all this process is the student who is the basis and axis of education. There will be a mechanism aimed mainly at alleviating the people and support the teachers so that there is no disbursement to them because we are there thanks to them and we reached what we reached thanks to their education.The teachers are almost a messengers.

Q- what will be the exchange rate for tje installment?

A- they are in Lebanese pounds, hoping that things will be positive in the near future. A circular will be issued in the near future between today and tomorrowrelated to the not accepting dollar, not in school installments or in other matters as the Lebanese laws are clear.  Premiums must be in the Lebanese currency.

Q-  Are you on the verge of resignation?

A- We talk about this issue elsewhere.  Our goal now is the educational sector. There will be meetings soon, in which we will talk about various topics.  I will suffice with this amount and that 500 billion will be allocated, the main objective of which is to support the educational family, i.e. the parents, teachers and schools that bring them together, in the hope that the schools will remain, and the teacher and student will remain everything in Lebanon.

Q- will the academic  start in October? 

A-  We do not have the answer to this question unless we are astrologers, work is being done on educational and psychological health protocols for students and will be issued very soon in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health and UNICEF.-- Presidency Press Office 



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