Hariri receives Japanese ambassador, Hamas delegation

Tue 30 Jun 2020 at 17:57 Politics

NNA - Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri received at the Center House a delegation from the Hamas movement, headed by the movement’s representative in Lebanon, Dr. Ahmad Abdel-Hadi, who said after the meeting: “My brothers in the movement and I had the honor of visiting Prime Minister Hariri. We conveyed to him the greetings of the leader of the movement Ismail Haniyeh and the leadership of the movement and we delivered him a special message from Brother Haniyeh regarding the annexation project, which is considered to be part of the “deal of the century”, and is an American-Zionist project. Haniyeh hoped that his Excellency and all those to whom he delivered this message would have a clear position against this project that targets the Palestinian cause. We also explained to his Excellency the dangers of this project, which takes most of the West Bank in the framework of implementing the “deal of the century”, and we assured him that the Palestinian people is united in facing this project through a joint national effort, and that Hamas has a great role in unifying the Palestinian position in facing the annexation project.”

He added: “We also discussed with Prime Minister Hariri the Palestinian situation in Lebanon, and affirmed the neutrality of the Palestinians regarding the Lebanese crisis, which we hope will end soon so the Lebanese people can have peace, security and prosperity. We also assured him that the Palestinian leadership will ensure that there is no use of the Palestinian element, but that this element will constitute a factor of stability and security that contributes to civil peace in Lebanon. We also informed his Excellency of the difficult and dangerous living conditions of the Palestinian refugees, especially in light of  the corona pandemic where the unemployment rate reached more than 80 percent amid a catastrophic humanitarian situation with which we fear that there will be an explosion, or that anyone may exploit poverty and uses the Palestinian component. We wished his Excellency would exert effort to secure support from the donor countries and pressure the UNRWA to assume its responsibilities as the international body mandated to assist the Palestinian refugees, and we demanded that the organization launch emergency relief projects because the crisis is long and the Palestinian people suffers difficult humanitarian conditions.

We also discussed a set of files linked to the rights of the Palestinian people, especially since Prime Minister Hariri made great efforts in the previous period in the framework of the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee to endorse these rights, including amending the labor law, canceling the license, the ownership law and other issues. Prime Minister Hariri emphasized his support for the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people and his permanent support, and we witnessed this through major stances during which he affirmed his rejection of the annexation project and the “deal of the century” that reduces the rights of the Palestinian people. He also affirmed that he is following up the issues and rights of the Palestinian people in Lebanon.”


Hariri also received the Japanese Ambassador to Lebanon Takeshi Okubo, and discussed with him the bilateral relations between the two countries and the situation.--Hariri Press Office



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