Frangieh visits Hariri: Real representatives of Sunnis are not present in government

Thu 18 Jun 2020 at 18:41 Politics

NNA -Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri received this afternoon at the Center House t head of the Marada Movement, Sleiman Frangie, accompanied by his son, MP Tony Frangie and former Minister Youssef Fenianos, in the presence of former Minister Ghattas Khoury.

The meeting focused on the latest developments and continued over lunch.

After the meeting that lasted for more than two hours, Frangie said: “In this exceptional situation, it is necessary to consult with Prime Minister Hariri about the events that are taking place, especially the economic situation and the poverty that people are suffering from. We had a common view and we are trying to find  an approach to the economic issue to get out of this crisis.”

He added: “As for the issue of dialogue, we are still studying the issue and there is still time to see how things will be and on what basis. But the most important thing is that there should be a national accord and understanding between all, and any agreement that takes place must be real in order for the content not to be empty and in order not to show the outside that we agree in appearance and not in reality.

Question: When will you give your final answer? Did you agree with Prime minister Hariri to participate together or boycott together?

Frangie: There is time. We are all convinced that the national reconciliation and solidarity are necessary to face the difficult period we are going through.

Question: Some people say that your participation in the dialogue will give legitimacy to the mandate. What is your response?

Frangie: I cannot give legitimacy to the mandate. The most important thing for me is that I believe in my people and my people believe in me. But I am the one who makes the decision and they judge me on the results. When I go to Baabda, I make the people I represent proud of my participation, and when I do not go to Baabda, I also make them proud by not participating. But the decision to go or not has not been taken yet and I am still thinking.

Question: Can this meeting with Prime Minister Hariri lead to “refloat” him so he returns to the premiership?

Frangie: When we say today that the authorities do not have the required Sunni cover, we recognize directly or indirectly that the real representatives of the Sunnis are not present in the government, with all due respect to Prime Minister Hassan Diab. Prime Minister Hariri today does not need refloating. Our relationship with him was stable before, during, and after he assumed the presidency of the government, from 2009 until today, and it has nothing to do with other matters. President Michel Aoun was elected and our relationship remained stable, and in the parliamentary elections, we were not together and our relationship was stable, and today we are together and our relationship is stable. This has nothing to do with the personal relationship.

Question: Do you require, in order to participate, to know ahead of time the final statement?

Frangie: There is still time.

Question: Will you participate in the dialogue if the former prime ministers boycott it?

Frangie: This is essential. If a meeting takes place in the absence of representatives of a sect, what will result from it? There is time to decide whether we will participate.--Hariri Press Office 



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