Diab chairs private schools meeting: We need to stimulate educational sector

Wed 17 Jun 2020 at 19:38 Politics

NNA - Prime Minister Hassan Diab has chaired an educational meeting attended by Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Tarek Majzoub, Director General of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Fadi Yarak, Director of the Private Schools Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Imad Achkar, Director of the Counseling and Guidance Department, Mrs. Hilda El Khoury, Secretary General of Catholic Schools Father Boutros Azar, Secretary General of the IRFAN Foundation, Sheikh Sami Abilmona, Hajj Mohammad Samaha, Chawkat Houla, Head of the Private School Teachers' Union Rodolphe Abboud, Union’s Board members Walid Jradeh and Abdulrahim Houmani, Head of the Catholic Schools Parents’ Council and PM’s Advisor Dr. Assaad Eid.

The meeting took stock at the difficult conditions experienced by private schools and parents alike as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, with schools unable to pay the salaries of teachers and employees, in addition to the parents’ inability to pay tuition fees. Interlocutors have discussed several solutions to reach an objective and realistic way out of the crisis.


In this framework, PM Diab said: “The meeting with the educational community has a special significance. It is a meeting with my personal family, with my academic background.

Lebanon has always been renowned for its educational sector, both public and private, and for this reason, Lebanon has been labeled the school of the East and the Arabs’ university.

The complementarity and interdependence between the public and private sector has always been a key element in the development of the educational system in Lebanon, enabling it to keep pace with the latest global developments introduced to the world of education in terms of advancement and modernization.

However, more than two years ago, private schools’ community, i.e. school administrations, professors and parents together, faced great economic challenges, particularly since the adoption of the salaries’ scale. Then, the current economic crisis was coupled with the coronavirus pandemic, exacerbating the crisis facing these schools, turning the challenges facing the educational community into existential ones.

Today, we need to stimulate the educational sector, and this cannot happen without joint efforts and solidarity between the educational community you represent and the government, so as to save this vital sector. We succeed as a team or we fail as a team.

We believe in this sector, in both public and private educational institutions, and in their role in building our country. We are working with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to put forward a draft law that supports public schools, and private schools for the first time, to help overcome the acute crisis facing the entire educational setting in Lebanon, not just public and private schools”. -- Presidency of the Council of Ministers Press Office




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