Arslan: If the Druze rights continue to be manipulated, we will suspend our participation in the government

Sun 31 May 2020 at 17:48 Twitter

NNA – “The Druze right is not a commodity for bargaining in meager political markets. We do not see a justification for not appointing a Commander of the Judicial Police Unit in the Internal Security Forces who possesses the required qualifications by adopting seniority as a valid standard for all, and allowing all qualified and competent Druze officers to achieve their rightful aspirations without favors from anyone,” tweeted Lebanese Democratic Party Chief, Talal Arslan, on Sunday.

He added: “What is being said about Brigadier Maher Al-Halabi is shameful to those circulating such news…It is not permissible to rely on groundless, fictitious slurs…Enough manipulation of the Druze rights and interests. The Druze posts in the country are a red line, and we will not allow anyone to tamper with them, even if that entails the suspension of our participation in the government!”



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